Gina + Dave | New Haven Lawn Club Wedding

I had such an amazing time shooting alongside Brooke Allison at Gina and Dave’s New Haven Lawn Club wedding!  It was an absolutely pleasure meeting this sweet couple and witnessing their love for each other as well as their family and friends.  I loved how each time Gina looked at Dave she’d giggle, I loved the look of pride on Gina’s mom’s face as she watched her daughter marry the man she loves.  It’s such an honor to witness this kind of love!

Yes! Dave is working that white tuxedo jacket!

New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3451
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3661
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3710
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3773
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3832
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3839
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3862
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3866
There goes that smile!!!
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3898
And again….
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-3914
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4045
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4050
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4080
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4127
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4139
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4140
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4254
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4280
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4299
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4300
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4339
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4373
Oh Gina, you are simply gorgeous!!!!
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4395
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4467
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4510
Look how Gina’s mom is beaming with joy!
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4524
I absolutely love these of images of Gina with her mom, then her sisters joining in.  It was such an emotional moment!
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4615
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4634
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4669
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4760
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4767
New Haven Lawn Club Wedding-4791

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Gina + James | Cheshire CT Engagement Session

Despite the bone chilling temperatures the past few weeks, I’ve been blessed with some AMAZING engagement sessions!  It’s been soo much fun hanging out with my couples in the snow and these sessions have been nothing short of amazing! I recently spent a cozy Sunday afternoon with Gina and James for their engagement session. We started off at the home of a family friend and worked our way outside. The snow, the scenery, this amazing couple made for some gorgeous images! I am in love with their images! We had such a good time and I’m looking forward to their wedding this fall. Enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

Seriously Gina, you look stunning!!!!!!

Fairfield County Engagement 001
Fairfield County Engagement 002
Fairfield County Engagement 003
Fairfield County Engagement 004
Fairfield County Engagement 005
Fairfield County Engagement 006
Fairfield County Engagement 007
Fairfield County Engagement 008
Honestly, this is one of my favorite images!
Fairfield County Engagement 009
Fairfield County Engagement 010
Fairfield County Engagement 011
Fairfield County Engagement 012
Fairfield County Engagement 013
Fairfield County Engagement 014
Fairfield County Engagement 015

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EricaMarch 10, 2014 - 2:59 pm

LOVE these Abbey! Great job! :)

Jeanine RoseMarch 12, 2014 - 1:01 pm

Love these…beautiful job Abby!

Shannon + Andrew | Omni Hotel Wedding

Over the Christmas Holidays I had the pleasure of second shooting for Kelly Kirkland Photography at the Omni Hotel in New Haven.  It was such a relaxing and fun day! Here are a few favorites from the day…

Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0113
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0167
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0180
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0208
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0294
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0241
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0341
Shannon just glows in this picture!
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0381
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0423
We were beating the sun and managed to get Shannon and Andrew outside for a few minutes before we completely lost light.  Whew!
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0508
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0453
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0456
I love this shot of the two of them!
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0539
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0733
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0736
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0766
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0773
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0777
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0840
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0849
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0923
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0918
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0880
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0892
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0908
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0912
Omni Hotel New Haven Wedding-0657

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