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Nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing my couples weddings published on line.  They put so much time and effort into their wedding that I love it when their day is recognized. I ended last week on a high note when I found out that Manny and Jhonny’s wedding was being featured on the blog Aisle Perfect.   Be sure to stop by and check out the feature HERE.  Happy Monday!!!!!

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Catherine + Todd | Waveny House Engagement Session

I am so excited about sharing Catherine and Todd’s Waveny House session that I feel like bursting.  From the moment they booked me, Catherine was adamant about having a session in the snow.  With each snow fall that was predicted she would email me and we would try and coordinate our schedules to make it happen. Well finally the stars were aligned and it happened. To top it off, during the session, something magical happened.  It started snowing and we both squealed with delight.  We could have not have planned this any better.  The snow, Catherine and Todd, even Baxter.  It was all perfect.  Oh My!!!

Catherine and Todd, the two of you are amazing and we can’t wait to shoot your wedding this fall!  Here are a few of our favorites from the session. Enjoy!!!!

Waveny House Engagement Session-3273
Seriously Catherine, you are gorgeous!
Waveny House Engagement Session-3407
One of my favorites!!!
Waveny House Engagement Session-3415
Yes, even Baxter got in on a few of the shots!
Waveny House Engagement Session-3477
Waveny House Engagement Session-3497
Waveny House Engagement Session-3550
Waveny House Engagement Session-3554
Love, Love, Love!!!
Waveny House Engagement Session-3663
Be still my heart.  This is another favorite. It just makes my heart happy!:)
Waveny House Engagement Session-3670
Waveny House Engagement Session-3615
Waveny House Engagement Session-3707
Waveny House Engagement Session-3784
Waveny House Engagement Session-3839
Waveny House Engagement Session-3856
Waveny House Engagement Session-3945

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Grateful for another year

2013 was another amazing year of documenting love .  Thank you to all the couples for the honor of capturing your love stories.  Looking forward to many more stories in 2014!

Abbey Domond Photography Weddings
Abbey Domond Photography Weddings
2013 Recap_0006

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Janelle CJanuary 22, 2014 - 10:19 am

You photographed each love story beautifully!!! Best wishes to you in 2014!